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Poster store

Poster store

If you are looking for the best interior design ideas then you have just arrived at the right website.

I love interior design! I also love the look of posters in the interiors of my home, work and my kids’ clubs and schools. But I had a problem; there was no single place online that I could go and just buy posters, even though I knew there were many artists creating beautiful and cool art pieces. I get asked a lot about interior design. That is why we created this poster store.


A poster interior — it’s a very interesting interior design idea. Usually, these posters are hung on the wall in a small room. This decoration is very expressive as blank, bright or unusual pictures are hung on the wall. On our site you will find 121 examples of this art. Take a look at different images that we have collected for you, and then choose the one that you most like.

Office Interior Design Ideas

Posters on the walls of your office is not an original idea. For many decades, businessmen and office workers tried to decorate their working space with something beautiful and able to add harmony to the overall design. Posters are a great alternative to paintings and photographs that make the interior more expressive and cozy.

You want to make the office interior more decorative and stylish, but you do not have much time to spend on this. You want to set up a bright, interesting, cool and fashionable office, but you do not know where to start. Do not worry! In our selection you will find 121+ examples of wall decoration with posters in various colors and styles.

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

When creating a living room, you always want to make sure that you’re choosing the right expressions. Whether that involves adding unique and colorful posters or incorporating them into your interior design alongside other decor items like paintings and photographs.

Wall decoration will reflect your inner self, so it is important that it should be in perfect accord with the style of the room and the image of its owner. If you want to express yourself through your interior, posters are an option worth considering.

Seeing a poster on the wall of an apartment, it seems that the owner is ready to communicate with the guest and at the same time does not overload the space. Posters are more than a piece of canvas with text or an image – they are a way to show your personality, a reflection of your attitude to life and its components.

Shop Vintage Posters

We have more than 121 posters in stock in our collection, every day we update the site and add beautiful, well-designed vintage posters.

Vintage Art Framed

Our original vintage art framed are an affordable way to add color to any room. Browse our selection of antique framed art to find the very best unique or custom handcrafted pieces from our wall decor store. A beautiful collection of vintage art framed.

Original Vintage Posters

A wide collection posters from 1890 – to the Present Day
Vintage Posters which have been professionally prepared and ready to frame.
Vintage interior posters are always original gifts and beautiful, stylish details of any modern apartment, house or office.

Vintage posters

About Me

Hi, I’m Helen

Hi, I’m Helen
I live in the USA and really love art. My friends and I decided to open a vintage magazine covers shop. I guarantee that all magazine covers are originals. Some lucky buyers will receive special gifts from me personally)